At Contempo Studio, we are dedicated to our clients from the first consultation to the moment they are handed the keys to their custom dream home. We are with them every step of the way, keeping their interests at the center of every decision. We offer a unique and creative approach to home design, ensuring both curb appeal and interior functionality work in harmony with lifestyle of the homeowner.


Imagine your ideal home: your desires, your lifestyle, and how you and your family fit into this space. These are among the aspects we explore deeply during our comprehensive consultation with each client. Through this process, we ascertain the project requirements, understand who will reside in the home, and uncover the vision our clients hold for their future residence. Through a thorough examination of the site and city zoning by-laws, we aim to pinpoint any potential constraints on the home’s design, along with the need for minor variance approval from the Committee of Adjustment if necessary. Additionally, this phase of the project involves identifying potential requirements of other necessary approvals such as Urban Forestry, Conservation Authority, and RNFP (Ravine and Natural Feature Protection), etc. During our initial project discussions, we thoroughly examine this information to ensure that the project’s objectives are realistic. We firmly believe that comprehending and communicating feasibility constitutes the foundational phase of any project. We firmly believe that grasping and conveying feasibility constitute the fundamental pillars of any project’s initiation.

Schematic and
Concept Design Phase

Initial Schematic and Concept designs based on the Client’s requirements. The initial schematic design phase stands as the cornerstone of the entire design endeavor, crucial in ensuring alignment with project specifications, feasibility, and zoning regulations. Within this phase, proposed floor plans, alongside 3D exterior perspectives of the Facade. The primary objective of this phase is to breathe life into the client’s project vision and set the direction for the remainder of the project’s development. Throughout our presentation, we lead you through the intricacies of our design process and the rationale behind your proposal, offering thoughtful recommendations along the way. Anticipate personalized space planning tailored precisely to meet your unique requirements. 

Design Development

Upon receiving feedback from the client regarding the conceptual design, we can make necessary adjustments before refining the drawings into a comprehensive design development package and craft 3D photorealistic renderings showcasing both the front and rear perspectives of the home’s exterior. This stage provides an invaluable opportunity to explore various options for exterior materials, colour schemes, lighting arrangements  (natural and/or artificial), and landscaping features.

Zoning Drawings
(BIM) Package

In the Zoning Drawings Phase, our team utilizes Building Information Modeling (BIM) technology to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of this phase, allowing us to create detailed 3D models that integrate crucial information about the building’s design, materials, and systems. By harnessing the power of BIM, we streamline communication, improve collaboration, and optimize decision-making, resulting in streamlined workflows and superior outcomes for our clients. From conceptualization to construction, we leverage cutting-edge tools and techniques to bring your vision to life with precision and excellence.  

Committee of
Adjustment Phase

The process begins with the preparation of a minor variance justification letter and associated drawings, followed by completing the necessary application form and confirming the required fees. The next step involves submitting the minor variance application, along with supporting materials, to the City Committee of Adjustment. Additionally, managing the circulation of the application to City Staff and external agencies is crucial. Throughout this process, identifying solutions, negotiating, and resolving any issues that may arise from municipal departments and external agencies during their review is essential. Finally, attendance and making representations at the Committee of Adjustment meeting are integral parts of the procedure. We have successfully represented over 200 Committee of Adjustment approvals, demonstrating our deep understanding of the requirements for a successful application.

Technical Drawings &
Permit Documents

Now, all the design elements crafted in the preceding phases come together in a meticulous compilation of technical construction drawings. These comprehensive drawings serve as the blueprint from which your contractor will bring your home to life. We continue to integrate the power of BIM (Building Information Modelling) as they encompass fully dimensioned architectural floor plans, detailed exterior elevations, cross-sections, and comprehensive specifications detailing every aspect necessary for your contractor and tradespeople to execute the design seamlessly.We take charge of coordinating with all necessary subconsultants to produce a complete set of construction documents required for permits and construction approval. This includes liaising with Structural Engineering, HVAC Engineering (Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning), and Surveying for precise site grading.  

During Construction

Our commitment extends throughout the project’s lifecycle because ensuring your home is constructed precisely as envisioned is paramount to us. We maintain active engagement through site visits at different construction stages and remain readily available for consultations regarding exterior material selections and any additional design considerations that may arise.